Both our Education and Administrative teams function each day with perserverance, professionalism and love.

The Team

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Administrative Team

Administration Team

The Administrative Team is led by Lisa-Marie Thomas, who brings a wealth of experience from the field of Public Relations in areas such as health, development and public utilities. She has a capable administrative assistant. The Administrative Team is responsible for the management of the school and all related activities: registration of students, planning events, maintenance of services and supporting fundraisers.

They are committed to the vision of the Foundation and the development of future leaders from the young children that currently attend the Early Childhood and afterschool centre. This competent and committed team work diligently every day, from sunrise to sunset, to ensure things are smooth, safe and seamless.


Education Team

Education Team

Our Education Team consists of three teachers, one of whom is the school’s principal. Marlene, affectionately known by all as ‘Auntie Marlene’ manages the pre-school with love, care and discipline. She brings many years of pre-school education and certification acquired both in Canada and locally. Children see pass her stern exterior and even pupils from the first batch of students visit the school to this day to see their favourite “Auntie”.

The school’s curriculum is specifically designed to offer a unique learning experience and it is normal to hear primary-level teachers and principals’ comments that kids from Cotton Tree all share a passion for learning and growth.