Francesca Hawkins

Francesca Hawkins’ media career spans 27 years with a primary focus on creating and marketing local radio, television and film content that supports Caribbean identity and in particular, the diversity of Trinidad and Tobago’s rich artistic culture and spiritual heritage.

Creative credits include director, producer, presenter, news anchor, editor, sound designer and scriptwriter, as well as, experience in marketing, advertising, sales, promotion, publicity and public relations communications.  Starting at age 17 with training in radio at the Trinidad Broadcasting Company Ltd., four years later work expanded into include television at Trinidad and Tobago Television.  In 1990, joining CCN as part of a foundation team that launched TV6 and Prime 106FM, exposure was gained to newspaper/print formats by working on cross-media promotions between Prime 106FM, TV6 and the Express Newspaper. Francesca became TV6’s first female news anchor, as well as, the host/producer of several locally produced programmes and marketing promotions for the station.  During the Miss Universe Pageant Production and “live” broadcast from Trinidad and Tobago (1999), as the senior local producer, she was responsible for conceptualizing and implementing all local elements for the television production, including commissioning approximately 250 local artists and designers for the set design and all stage show performances.

Completed projects or professional training abroad at CNN (Atlanta), BBC (London), CBS (Los Angeles) and the Rockport Media School (Maine). Among the first group of students to be trained in film at the University of the West Indies, graduating at the top of the year with first Class Honours in 2009, each year she was awarded academic and production prizes, subsequently completing a Certificate in Editing at New York UniversRecent film productions include the short drama “Sans Souci”  (2009) and “Siege” (2008), a documentary on the 1990 Attempted Coup. “Siege” won “Peoples Choice” at the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival and Best Documentary UWI. Several other film productions have been completed since graduating at the University of the West Indies in 2009 (BA Film, Hons).  As a nationally accepted media personality, she is regularly invited to host charity shows and enjoys supporting various community development projects, including the RBTT Young Leaders Programme.

Event Management, Public Relations and Advertising experience includes coordinating several cross-media national events and marketing campaigns for employers in both private and public sector.