Service Learning Programme

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About This Programme

In line with the Cotton Tree Foundation's mission, the goal of the Service Learning Programme (SLP) is to support the long term educational and emotional outcomes of children/families in the local community.

Frequency of SLP

Currently SLP is administered over one week, three times a year.

Why SLP?

CTF recognises the need for services in the area of early identification of children with Special Needs, as well as services for such children after they have been evaluated. We provide professional screening and diagnostic services to children of the Pre-School and the Homework Centre.


The Service-Learning Programme has existed for the last 17 years and is one of our most innovative and critical programmes.

We respond to the risks children face and create positive outcomes. We identify children's learning abilities and disabilities and test learning capacity, thereby strengthening learning skills and understanding unique learning styles.


The Programme is geared to assess and screen students for various academic strengths and weaknesses. This information is then communicated to teachers and parents and assistance is given with intervention.


MSc and PhD psychology students from the USA visit for one week every year and provide professional screening services to the ECCE and the Homework Centre. Local psychologists and Mental Health Clinicians also volunteer extensively for this programme.

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