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About The Homework Centre

Our Homework Centre runs concurrently with the school term for four days per week. It provides a safe, quiet environment, conducive to study. Remedial teachers are assigned to work with children requiring supplemental literacy and numeracy coaching. A physical education instructor also forms part of the cadre of professionals attached to the Homework Centre. The Homework Centre is sponsored by Republic Bank’s Power to Make a Difference Programme.


Providing primary level students with a safe, nurturing, learning environment.


The Centre is open Monday to Thursday, 3pm to 5.30pm. Registration is done through the Foundation’s office. The Centre not only supports students with their homework but also looks at the holistic development of the child. The Foundation provides academic assessments and interventions as required. There are PE sessions and lots of art and craft projects to help with working in a team and creativity . Students are also encouraged to use the ICT lab to explore online learning applications. Special events / holidays are also recognized and celebrated.

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