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How We Empower Through Education and Opportunity

Lifelong learning opportunities for all

Lifelong education also develops independence and self-reliance. This is a key focus in our Community Development Programmes, because we believe that lasting changes and improvements happen when people are equipped with the resources to change their own circumstances. At Cotton Tree we believe in supporting a lifetime of learning, and this is achieved through vocational education and life skills programmes.

Improved access to education

Every child, regardless of religion, race, gender, economic or social situation, has the right to quality education. We aim to make education more accessible to all by supporting access to places in schools,  providing a Homework Centre and access to training programmes.

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Community Outreach

We support the accessibility and quality of education for children by providing educational facilities, scholarships, assessments, remedial classes, tuition fees, materials and stationery. We also support lifetime learning .That’s why we provide education opportunities not only to children, but also to older members of society.

Enhanced quality of education

Receiving quality education is equally as important as accessibility. To do this, we also provide financial support for tuition, scholarships and education material, continuous training for children and individuals, along with running Child’s Rights Awareness programs.

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