In the most general sense, what we do is try to change lives.

What We Do

In the most general sense, what we do is try to change lives. We service St. Ann’s, Cascade, Belmont and the communities of the East Dry River in providing programmes and services that give children, young persons and families the skills and confidence to succeed in life. We also provide opportunities for growth to volunteers in the community.


Pre-school/ECCE Our ECCE Centre is a close-knit family of parents, teachers and students that support each other and the educational goals of the Centre.
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Homework Centre

Homework Centre Giving primary- and early secondary-level students a safe, nurturing learning environment is the goal of the Centre.
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Youth Volunteer Programme

Youth Volunteer Programme Our Youth Volunteer Programme gives young people a chance to give back to society and develop a sense of responsibility and service from an early age.
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Community Outreach Sports Programme

Community Outreach Sports Through the facility of our nascent community sports programme, we are providing the youth of the area with an arena to engage themselves constructively and competitively.
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Service Learning Programme

Service Learning Programme The Service Learning Programme is a wonderful opportunity for doctoral students to engage in the clinical side of the education process.
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Annual Family Vacation Camp

Annual Family Vacation Camp Our annual Family Vacation Camp is an ideal place for any child who wants to enjoy the summer vacation in a fun-filled environment.
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Legal Aid Clinic

Legal Aid Clinic The Legal Aid Clinic assists community members by having their legal problems assessed by an attorney.
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Computer Literacy Classes

Computer Literacy Classes The Foundation provides classes in foundation computer literacy to jump-start the community’s exposure to technology, and by extension a world of knowledge and opportunity.
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Charity Fundraisers

Charity Fundraisers Our famous charity fundraisers help to highlight the work of the organisation and showcase its need for donations and volunteers.
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