Tribute to Ulric Cross

Tribute to Ulric Cross

Monday, October 7th, 2013


The Cotton Tree Foundation wishes to add its voice to all the persons who have paid tribute to the late Justice of Appeal Ulric Cross. On Friday October 4th 2013 when we at the Foundation were  told of the passing of  Justice Cross our hearts sank as we had yet again, lost another great patriot.…a  hero, a leader, a philanthropist and a gentleman.

The Cotton Tree Foundation has had the privilege of having two iconic founding members – Justice Uric Cross and the late Desmond Allum SC. These men understood that an individual could make a difference and that there was an obligation to help make a difference in the lives of people. The Foundation was close to their hearts and as we reflect upon our interaction over the years with Ulric and Desi, these men simply wanted a better Trinidad and Tobago and encouraged their colleagues and those around them to participate in their passion.

They understood that there was a strong need to improve the life chances of young people through education in the Belmont, East Dry River, St Ann’s and Cascade area and together with some close friends, the Foundation was established. Thousands of children and families have benefited from the work of the Foundation through the Preschool, Homework Centre, Service Learning Progamme, Scholarships, Vacation Camp and Parenting classes over the years.

According to Board member Allyson Hamel-Smith “Justice Cross had a deep commitment to The Cotton Tree Foundation and particularly to the Scholarship fund which he started. He pushed to send talented children from our preschool to high performing primary schools. To date 14 children have benefitted from the scholarship fund.  The scholarship programme has evolved into helping children with reading/learning difficulties via scholarships to obtain full time remedial intervention at reputable learning institutions. The scholarship fund has grown and continues today, it is an excellent example of Justice Cross’ belief that all children are entitled to a good education, regardless of their family’s financial resources.”

So as we say good bye to Ulric, we reaffirm our commitment to continue to build on the vision that was created 20 years ago by the creation of The Cotton Tree Foundation.

Board of Directors

The Cotton Tree Foundation