The Cotton Tree Foundation: making a difference through education

The Cotton Tree Foundation: making a difference through education

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

The services of the Cotton Tree Foundation, founded twenty years ago by Desmond Allum continues to be oversubscribed in the communities they serve, with 2011 being no exception! The Foundation’s Homework Club and Early Childhood Education Centre, both have exhaustive waiting lists as parents continue to subscribe to the apparent success of Cotton Tree’s offered programs.

With members of The Foundation working tirelessly to improve the experiences of children in their formative years, as well as providing support for the families involved in their care, the buzz is spreading in the community and demand for places for the school’s services is now far outstripping the supply of available spots.

As part of its projected growth and development program, The Cotton Tree Foundation announces its “Friends of The Cotton Tree” Appeal Fund to tap into the infamous generosity of Trinbagonians and help the Foundation impact more families in the St. Anns, Belmont and Cascade communities. “We need your help and support because not only does this work depend on a great deal of volunteer service but most importantly, it requires significant funding resources” said Allyson, one of Cotton Tree’s Directors.

The “Friends” project offers the facility of a tax deductible Deed of Covenant to personal and corporate donors, as an incentive to potential stakeholders at the Foundation. As a registered not-for-profit organization, donations to The Cotton Tree Foundation, qualify as an allowable expense and has the potential to significantly reduce your personal income tax or corporate tax respectively.

Specifically targeting the young and the vulnerable, focusing on the 3 to 13 age bracket and their families, the Cotton Tree Foundation runs a gamut of programmes from the Early Childhood Center to the After School Homework club, Arts and Sports, Summer Camps for families and a Scholarship Fund for deserving pre-school students, as well as a Legal Aid Clinic and parenting support groups.

Contact The Cotton Tree Foundation at 623-5120, where you will be guided on the necessary steps to participate in the “Friends” Appeal. Volunteer your time to make a difference in the life of one child, one family and one community.