Every bit helps, especially if it comes from the heart.

How You Can Help

We will always need assistance. Whether in the form of volunteering your time, sponsoring an initiative or making a donation, every bit helps, especially if it comes from the heart. For companies, a charity partnership with the Cotton Tree Foundation will help your company make a lasting difference to the lives of the most vulnerable in these areas – the children and young people. Working with us will build your reputation as a company that is passionate about helping people achieve their full potential, whatever their circumstances. From mentoring young people to being a volunteer administrator to raising money, without your help, we cannot continue to do what we need to.


Sponsorship is a great way to show good corporate citizenship and a good way to get involved and share the act of giving with your children. As an individual, you can sponsor a deserving child in our annual scholarship drive. You can sponsor our Golf Tournament, a field trip, learning material for the pre-school…there are many areas where help is genuinely needed. As part of its projected growth and development program, The Cotton Tree Foundation announces its “Friends of The Cotton Tree”” Appeal Fund. The “Friends” project offers the facility of a tax deductible Deed of Covenant to personal and corporate donors, as an incentive to potential stakeholders at the Foundation. As a registered not-for-profit organization, donations to The Cotton Tree Foundation, qualify as an allowable expense and has the potential to significantly reduce your personal income tax or corporate tax respectively. Contact The Cotton Tree Foundation at 623-5120, where you will be guided on the necessary steps to participate in the “Friends” Appeal. You can have a look at our regular sponsors here.


The day-to-day costs of running the Foundation can sometimes present a challenge. We invite concerned citizens, private and corporate, to partner in the development of our client communities by offering financial support on an as-needed or continual basis. New computers, repairs to the infrastructure and the day-to-day expenses of managing and maintaining our ECCE and Afterschool Centres are critical areas where donations are needed.


A constant need is in the area of volunteering. We need volunteers to help organize events and fundraisers, to support the students in the Homework Centre, to help in our Vacation Camp and just generally to create the kind of environment that would boost the self-esteem and empower our people. No time that is given is too small and if you have professional expertise in a specific field, even better.