Annual Vacation Camp 2013

Annual Vacation Camp 2013

Thursday, July 11th, 2013

The Cotton Tree Foundation’s Annual Vacation Camp ran from July 9th – 26th 2013 and was a great success this year with 95 children attending . Our camp theme was “Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds” and the major focus was on promoting wellness, healthy eating, physical exercise and education among children between the ages of 3-12 years old. The camp was held in conjunction with the Ministry of Health who provided healthcare professionals such as Psychologists, Nutritionists, Health Promotion Officers and a Wellness Coordinator to add special modules to our curriculum this year.

Highlights of Camp

– Hearing, Vision and BMI testing for all campers.

– Field trip to the Digicel Imax theatre to see the movie “The Last Reef” in 3D.

– Lunch at the Cascadia Hotel. Campers got a chance to dress up for this occasion and have lunch in the formal dining room at the Hotel. This provided them with an opportunity to practice etiquette training which was taught to them by their teachers while at camp.

–  The BG Science Bus visit – included educational activities and displays for all campers.

– Unit Trust provided a Financial Planning Seminar for parents of all campers.

– The Youth Cinema Society visited to show a children’s foreign film to sensitize campers about life in other cultures.

– Camp ended with a grand Open Day function and all parents of campers were invited to attend.  This function allowed children to display their creativity through song, dance, drama and poetry- all centered on the theme “Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds”.

The Cotton Tree Foundation would like to thank our camp sponsors,  Ministry of Sport, Ministry of Health, Unit Trust Corporation, Ministry of Youth and Gender Affairs and the Lion’s Club for their generous contributions towards making our camp a success. Without their kind donations this year, our camp would never have been possible.